2013 Photo Project

I like to have Photography Projects planned as they help me stay enthused and a bit focused. This year I’m doing a project where I shoot with a different film camera and film type each month. I don’t use the selected camera and film all month but I shoot at least one full roll of the film I’ve chosen using that camera. There’s no specific subject matter and while I select a lens that I’m going to use for some of the roll, any lens/accessory combination is OK.  One benefit of this project is seeing that each of my cameras and lenses is being used and that I’m staying familiar with the features and controls. It also helps me to become acquainted with films that I may not normally use.

Each month I choose my favorite images from the current batch (3 to 10 images) and post them in a thread that I’ve started on http://www.NikonCafe.com. I’ll be posting the chosen photos and perhaps a few extras here too. I hope that you enjoy them.

Here’s my planned camera & film list for 2013.

2013 Camera, Lens and Film plan

2013 Camera, Lens and Film plan


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