February 2013 – Nikon F5 with Kodak Portra400 & Nikon 35-70mm f3.3-4.5 AF as primary lens

The F5 is the newest film camera in my collection. It’s a great camera – loaded with features for the professional photographer but still easy enough to use for the complete amateur. It’s a bit heavy but very stable and easy to hold. The easy grip makes the weight disappear in all but the most strenuous situations. Kodak Portra400 delivers some of the most wonderful colors that I’ve ever seen on a print film. I really enjoy using it. Hope you all enjoy the pictures and agree with my appreciation of the colors.

1. The Appleton Museum of Art. This is our local museum. It’s really quite a beautiful place and they have a terrific collection. It’s associated with the College of Central Florida and Florida State University. We get some very nice travelling exhibits in addition to the standing collection.

The Appleton Museum - It's a beautiful place

The Appleton Museum – It’s a beautiful place

2. This sculpture was recently added to the Appleton Collection. I really like it. Stainless steel, glass, plastic, painted steel and stone brought together to produce a beautifully flowing piece.

Appleton Museum Sculpture - Steel & Glass

Appleton Museum Sculpture – Steel & Glass

3. Sculpture is one of my favorite forms of artistic expression and this piece really draws my attention. I plan to enlarge this photograph to hang in my office over my desk. The rock presents shapes and textures that change with the angle of view and the movement of the sun. In addition the way you position your body allows the opening in the stone to become your window of many views.

Appleton Museum Stone Sculpture

Appleton Museum Stone Sculpture

I hope that you enjoy these photographs. There are others from this project that I enjoy and I’m hoping to present some of them to you as time moves on. Thank you for looking and as always your comments are greatly appreciated.



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